SC&C | Igniting Your Practice: A New Website and an Ignited Mission

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website at It bears our new logo and our new mission statement: Igniting Your Practice.

We continue to help lawyers and law firms grow their capacity to build lucrative and satisfying practices.  More than ever we are focusing on igniting enthusiasm in law firms by connecting lawyers with a new source of confidence so that they get results in today’s competitive legal market.  Come check us out and learn more about our:

1. ONE-ON-ONE COACHING:  our business development (BD) and leadership coaching enhances your capability to develop new business, grow your practice and build strong, lucrative relationships.   Get in touch today for your free 30 minute sample session with coach and former lawyer Kathryn Szymczyk and have your best year ever.

2.  BD CONSULTING: we work with managing partners, management committees and BD departments to identify programs and support that will help raise lawyers’ BD game.   Tap into our expertise in training the adult brain and our knowledge of what has worked for firms and lawyers around the world and launch a program that will change the mindset at your firm.

3.  TRAIN THE TRAINERS: we help you acquire the coaching and leadership skills you need to support your individual lawyers and lead your team to greater BD success.  Become a catalyst for business development in your firm with our series of Catalyst Courses.

We invite you to take a look at our case studies and testimonials to learn what it is like to work with us.  

Want to know more about our services? Want to let us know what you think of our new look?  We hope you will get in touch at or +1 647 978 5502.

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