Submissions for Ranking Publications: Five Reasons You Should Bother

Ranking Publications: Five Reasons You Should Bother

The deadline for submissions for Managing Intellectual Property’s 2016 IP Stars is November 8, 2015, prompting many to again consider the importance of appearing in major ranking publications. I continue to believe, and to advise my clients, that such ranking publications (those that do not require you to “pay to play”) are a great business development tool. Every year we are offered the opportunity to make submissions about ourselves and our firms – at no cost to us. To ignore or not take seriously this opportunity would be a mistake.

Many of us have questioned the methodology behind the rankings used by the research teams – especially when our competitors are ranked ahead of us or, worse, we aren’t ranked at all! One thing is certain, editors cannot consider information that they do not have.

Here are five reasons to take some time and effort to complete submissions to the major ranking publications:

1. Ranking publications may be the only third party information potential clients can get about you. Can you really afford not to show up in major ranking publications? There has been a significant increase in the use of online tools (such as rankings) among in- house counsel, especially when searching for international representation. Showing up in the rankings of a well-reputed industry publication can increase your credibility.

2. Influence what is written about you. You are the best person to describe you, your Firm and the services you offer. Without information provided by you, the researchers are unlikely to know the true depth and breadth of your practice. In my experience, well crafted submissions can turn up almost word for word in the editorial comments of ranking publications. Feed them the right lines and you get yourself some free advertising!

3. Use the results to build credibility online. Many of us do include our rankings in our email signatures. Don’t forget to also list this information on your LinkedIn profile and your website. Even better is to utilise favourable editorial comments about your Firm as testimonials on your website and/or consider posting an update on LinkedIn.

4. Well-crafted submissions can and should be re-purposed. Crafting submissions presents the opportunity to put into words what your Firm does and who does it. Writing about this in the context of rankings will help you articulate this in terms of your competitive advantage i.e. what differentiates you from your competitors and why clients have chosen you. This is exactly the information needed for successful websites, LinkedIn profiles, marketing materials and responses to RFP’s.

5. A chance to acknowledge, announce and celebrate your successes this year. Submissions for rankings often require that you list your “work highlights”, indicate growth areas in your Firm and list your most significant clients over the last year. It is a great opportunity to take stock and to celebrate your successes (or motivate you to do better next year!). Once completed, consider presenting the submissions to your entire team, with some encouraging words, champagne, bonuses ….

Drafting ranking submissions does require an understanding of the industry and the law. It is also time-consuming work that can take away from billable hours. SC&C has the industry knowledge and understanding to ensure you take the best advantage of this important business development opportunity.

BLG-Szymczyk-2694-By-Valerie-Keeler-Valberg-Imaging-copyHow can SC&C help?

Want to increase your chances of being ranked higher? Want to influence what is highlighted about you and your team when ranked? SC&C can help. Contact me at kathryn@sccignites.com or on +1 647 978 5502 to find out more.

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