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Presenting A New Formula For BD Success at FICPI

SC&C’s Kathryn Szymczyk Co-Presenting A New Formula for BD Success at FICPI’s 16th Open Forum


Kathryn Szymczyk, Director of SC&C|Taking IP Practices Further, together with Rich Goldstein of Goldstein Patent Law, will be addressing the plenary session at FICPI 16th Open Forum, St. Petersburg, Russia, 5-8 October 2016 with a presentation on Business Development. The session will be moderated by former president of FICPI, Bastiaan Koster of Von Seidels, South Africa. The topic directly follows from the theme of last year’s FICPI Congress “Adapt to Advance” and focuses in on how IP Attorneys can and should adapt their business development strategies to prosper in an increasingly competitive environment.

Kathryn who practiced IP law herself for 12 years before founding business development consulting firm SC&C, notes, “In today’s market, we can no longer afford to limit our business development efforts to showing up at a conference a couple of times a year. We need a shift in mindset in order to continually and consistently win and retain loyal clients and grow”.  In terms of what FICPI audiences can expect from the plenary session, she states, “Rich and I have a formula for success, drawn from other industries and executive coaching, which we will be sharing with the audience. Through directed networking and coaching, participants will also have a chance to test our theories during the presentation. Finally, we hope to send everyone home with some ideas of how they can consistently bring this mindset to their Firms for greater success.”

The session will take place at 9:00 a.m. on October 6, 2016 and will be followed by two days of high level sessions that include best practices and updates on the nuts and bolts of IP law as well as practical business management sessions. The history and beauty of St. Petersburg promises to play an enchanting backdrop for all social events and receptions.

We hope to see you there! Надеемся вас увидеть на презентацию!

About SC&C: Our Team of coaches, facilitators and trainers, work with IP lawyers and IP Firms to build their capacity to bring in bigger and better business, leading to a more profitable and satisfying practice. Based in Canada, with ties around the world, we can help you where you are to build the international clientele that you want. Contact us at info@sccignites.comor visit our website at www.sccignites.com.

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