Make it Personal: Fostering Client Relationships

We all know that the key to BD is fostering relationships. Christmas is a great time to do that. Whether you are sending a gift or just a card, the key, of course, is to make it as personal as possible for those that you can. Is your client a wine lover? We love this Canadiana wine package:…/wine-gifts-1/products/canada-craft-150 How cared for as a client would you feel receiving this?

Our Gift To You:  Want to be more intentional and strategic about fostering relationships that lead to a more profitable and satisfying practice?  Contact Kathryn at kathryn@sccignites.comto arrange for a free sample coaching session or to discuss how experiential training programs can raise your  lawyers BD game.

About SC&C: Our Team of coaches, facilitators and trainers, work with lawyers and law firms to build their capacity to bring in bigger and better business, leading to a more profitable and satisfying practice. Based in Canada, with ties around the world, we can help you where you are to build the international clientele that you want. Contact us at

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