It’s Been Three Months Since INTA: Do You Know Where Your Clients Are?

It’s Been Three Months Since INTA: Do You Know Where Your Clients Are?

As we all know, INTA’s Annual Conference in May is always a huge investment of time and money for any IP practitioner attending.  It is no wonder that so may Firm’s are looking for ways to increase and track the return on investment of attendance.  This blog post provides some suggestions for how you can, and should, continue to leverage your attendance at INTA three months on.

shutterstock_39370537Many of us return from INTA to face a desk stacked high with files and a calendar filled with family and personal commitments as a result of having spent so many days away from the office and home.  Most of us succeed in getting out our follow-ups within 10 days of INTA and, hopefully, by now, will have already seen some results from our efforts. All too often, however, it is then back to the daily grind and INTA becomes a distant memory until next year.  Does this sound familiar?

The three-month mark after INTA is the perfect time to look back and see what return you have seen from your efforts at INTA and what more you can do.   It is estimated that most professionals leave 50% of potential clients in the pipe line after engaging in a BD activity – usually, due to lack of follow-up and follow through.

What More Could You be Doing Right Now?

Assuming you have gone through the process of creating an INTA Strategy for 2013 identifying Firm and individual goals and desired outcomes, take the opportunity now to review that strategy and consider some of the following suggestions on how to continue to leverage your INTA experience this year:

Sign up for “Google Alerts” for news on your target clients (the service is free and easy to use)

Have monthly meetings with your team (or with yourself!) to share information and contacts, brainstorm ways to follow up with targets etc

Ensure you are using linkedin to keep abreast of your networks updates and other reasons to reach out to them and then do just that;

Write a short piece on something you identified as being of interest to clients/potential clients during your meetings at INTA and then tweet it, blog it, post it on linked in and/or publish it;

Update the evaluation of your return on investment using the metrics you set in your INTA strategy. Seeing what you have achieved so far can inspire and motivate you and your team to achieve even more;

Plan a conference or trip that puts you in contact with your strategic contacts before another year has passed.

The above list is, of course, not exhaustive.  There are many things you can be doing to continue to leverage the time and money spent at INTA.  It all comes down to having and implementing a strategy – not just for the conference itself but, perhaps even more importantly, for the many months before and after INTA.  In this way you will have a focused and stress free BD plan that will ensure you realize the maximum return on investment of all your BD activities.

And if you do not have a Strategy for INTA 2014 yet, start soon! INTA is not as far away as you think.

Need help creating and implementing your INTA strategy? Contact SC&C; having been in your shoes, we help make the time you spend on business development activities ….

About SC&C: Our Team of coaches, facilitators, and trainers work with lawyers and firms to build their capacity to bring in bigger and better business, leading to a more profitable and satisfying practice. Based in Canada, with ties around the world, we can help you where you are to build the international clientele that you want. Contact us at

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