Increase Your Success at INTA | Top Ten (Last Minute) Tips


Consider these last-minute tips for increasing your return on investment at this year’s annual INTA Conference.

1. Show up with Purpose:

Before arriving at INTA, take the time to set yourself some specific goals.  Which geographical markets do you want to target this year? What kind of work do you want more of?  Turn vague goals of “maintaining existing clients and winning new work” into narrow and achievable goals that you can focus in on.  It’s time for an INTA Strategy.

2. Know your Objectives: 

Once you have your goals, identify concrete objectives that will signal your success.  You will be surprised by how the simple act of identifying desired outcomes will focus you, reduce your stress and increase your success.

3. Know your Key Messages: 

We all know that the key to successful branding is differentiating yourself from your competitors and conveying this in a consistent way.  Take the time to determine or remind yourself of your firm’s unique selling points and then look for opportunities to subtly convey them during the conference.

4.  Be Prepared: 

Set yourself up for success before your meetings by researching the people you are meeting with, their firm/company, and the issues they may face in your jurisdiction.   They will appreciate the effort and you will come across as a knowledgeable and trustworthy advisor.

5.  Stick to your Strengths: 

Successful business development is all about making genuine connections.  Whether you like to fly solo or work better as a team, whether you prefer one-on-one meetings or the buzz of a cocktail reception – seek out situations where you are at your best and can be genuine.

6.  Be Interested and Interesting:

Show up at INTA prepared to connect with people about what is going on in their part of the world.  (For example, if you don’t already do so, skim the summaries on the first few pages of the Economist on your way to Hong Kong; if you are a football fan, know who to avoid the topic of World Cup qualification with(!)).  Do whatever it takes to arrive at the Conference prepared to discuss (both talk AND listen) about something other than people’s travel schedules.

7.  Plant the Seeds: 

During your meetings or chance encounters, listen for opportunities to keep in touch. Keeping in touch allows you to become known to a person, gain their trust and establish credibility – the key elements to winning someone’s business.  Your keeping in touch email will have even more impact if it is the fulfillment of an undertaking you made during your conversation at the Conference.

8. Take Notes: 

I am sure that most of you will agree that INTA conferences are a blur.  Once back in the office it is difficult to remember anything that was said in any detail.  Taking the time to write notes on the back of business cards, whether it be in the taxi between receptions or at night back in your hotel room, can make all the difference between fruitful and unfruitful follow up.

9. Follow up: 

All too often, INTA attendees leave potential clients in the pipeline because they fail to follow up in a consistent manner.  If you have followed tips 1-8 above, you will likely have a list of people you met at INTA, with information about what you spoke about and an idea of how your firm can help them.  Maximize your significant personal and financial investment in INTA and build a follow up strategy for the year.

10.  Take Care of Yourself:

Finally, it is difficult to convey your strengths, appear prepared and genuinely connect with people if you are feeling frazzled, tired and edgy.  Leave time for maintaining some of your regular habits that will center and calm you.   Fitting in a morning walk, going for a massage or calling your family will likely be more important to your INTA success then squeezing in one more reception.


Wishing all of you a successful and enjoyable conference.  I hope to see you there!

If you would like to know how SC&C can help you significantly increase your return on investment in conferences and other business development activities, do not hesitate to contact me at or call me on +1 647 978 5502 to find out more.

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