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High Performance Lawyers Hire “Lawyer Coaches” To Enhance Their Performance

In the cover story of their July issue, Canadian Lawyer Magazine reported on the benefits of hiring “lawyer coaches” to support lawyers in reaching their potential as leaders, business developers and service providers while staying motivated and in peak form (http://www.canadianlawyermag.com/6480/Coaching-lawyers.html). SC&C’s Kathryn Szymczyk was interviewed for the article. Her business development coaching was described: “Szymczyk shows these reticent rainmakers that they can apply the same problem-solving skills with which they practice law to the sales process. She works with them to re-frame the concept of sales — away from superficial self-promotion and schmooze — to a process of asking questions of a potential client to elicit the information they would need to solve their problem.”

One of SC&C’s clients, Tracy Corneau, was also interviewed and the article notes her experience with coaching as follows: “Szymczyk’s coaching significantly improved Corneau’s business development efforts. The coach’s methods translated into measurable results that the client could then present to BLG’s management. “I had to show how many new clients and new files I was able to attract,” says Corneau. “The results raised my profile within the firm and within the IP profession. They had tangible implications for compensation and leadership opportunities.””

About SC&C: Want to know how coaching can help you ignite or reinvigorate your practice? Learn more here or contact Kathryn at kathryn@sccignites.com for your free 30 minute sample session.

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