Do You Have A Follow Up Strategy for INTA? More Tips on Increasing Your Return On Investment

I hope you had a very successful conference and found SC&C’s Top 10 Tips for Increasing Your Success at INTA helpful. This post is about Tip #9: Follow Up.

Many of you will have already followed up with the contacts/clients/friends you met with at INTA this year. Perhaps you have already been successful in turning some prospects into business. If not, don’t despair! By putting a simple Follow Up Strategy in place, you can continue to see concrete results from the significant investment of your time and money in INTA.

80% of Prospects Convert Into Customers After the 5th Contact

The blog post entitled “Following Up Is Critical for Lawyers, from Attorney Profit LLC notes that “[a]ccording to the National Sales Executive Association, 80% of all client relationships begin on the 5th-12th contact.” As emphasized in that post, when it comes to developing business, consistent follow up is key. But, how do you follow up in a way that is manageable, effective and doesn’t leave you feeling like a pushy salesperson?

These ideas for creating and implementing your Follow Up Strategy can help:

1. Keep It Focused:

Choose a manageable list of prospects (5-10) for whom you commit to creating and implementing a Follow Up Strategy. These should be people that will help you fulfill the goals and reach the desired outcomes identified in your conference or annual business development strategy.

2. Have a System:

It’s important to have a tool that can help you keep track of your prospects. In other words, you need a customer relationship management (CRM) system. There are many types of software out there that can help. If you have nothing in place yet, you can accomplish the same thing (on an interim basis) with an excel spreadsheet.

3. Put It In Your Calendar:

Set reminders for yourself for when you commit to following up with each of your 5-10 contacts. Consider carving out 20 minutes each day for follow up and staying connected.

4. Use the Support of Your Team:

The rest of your Team can provide support, encouragement and will hold you accountable. Plan monthly meetings where you each report on your individual follow up strategies: what you have done, what you plan to do and the success you have enjoyed to date. (Serve drinks and canapés at such meetings if you really want to bring back that INTA feeling!)

5. Use LinkedIn as a Tool:

Spend some time on LinkedIn on a regular basis (see point #3 above). You will find lots of reasons for getting in touch with someone, whether it is to congratulate them on a new position, forward them a recent post or comment on one of their posts.

6. Keep Track of Your Success:

Use your CRM system to track your success on goals and the desired outcomes you have identified for each of your prospects. Take a reading at the three-month and six-month mark and announce results to the whole Team. Success motivates success.

7. Hire an Inside or Outside BD Person Who Will Oversee Your Follow Up Strategy:

For best results, put one person in charge of overseeing the firm Follow Up Strategy. This person can ensure that follow up is accomplished and can track success in a meaningful way. Delegate this important task to someone outside your Team who can motivate you, support you and who understands your business. Fee earners time should be reserved for business development activities that absolutely require their personal involvement.

8. Get Some Coaching:

Coaching can help keep you motivated and energized by reminding you of what you have to personally gain from formulating and implementing a tailor-made Follow Up Strategy.

How Can We Help?

If you would like help formulating and implementing a Follow Up Strategy for you and your Firm, please contact me at kathryn@sccignites.comto find out more.


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