Brochures are Dead: How to Build Professional Credibility and Reputation Online

Brochures are Dead: How to Build Professional Credibility and Reputation Online


Many of my clients ask me for assistance in updating their promotional materials.  This often includes reviewing an expensive and often outdated brochure and a website that does little more than reproduce the same information.  The intention is a valid one – to convey the credibility and professionalism of the firm. However, such forms of promotion leave potential clients with little information about what they really want to know, namely, your level of expertise and what it might be like to work with you.

Instead of hiding behind a brochure, why not invest your resources in creating an accessible and credible online personality for you and your firm?  In today’s world, where so much useful and current advice is at our clients’ fingertips, we must work harder to push our authority within our practice area and reach the audience we care about.

Here are some tips for doing just that:

1. You Need to Know Who You Are in Order to Promote It

Identify what differentiates you from your competitors (i.e. what you want to be known for) and then turn that into 3-5 key messages which should inform everything you write and present online.

2. Know Where Your Clients Are and What They Want to Hear

Identify your key target audience and write a profile for each identifiable group or category, including how they can be reached online.

3. Speak Directly To Your Key Audience

Ensure your website is organized in a way that speaks to your key target audience (e.g. by industry group) as opposed to being organized based on law school course names.

4. Be Current and Responsive

Provide current and useful content on your website and ensure your clients are given multiple methods for contacting your professionals directly for an immediate response.

5. Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to form more personal relationships with your target audiences and to raise your profile as an expert in a particular field.

6. Are you blogging yet?

What better way to build credibility and foster connection then broadcasting examples of your work and style? The content of an individual post can be short as long as it is useful. Even your latest opinion letter to a client can and should be recycled into a post.

Look out…

For future posts that will further explore these general tips.  In the meantime, see you all online!

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