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A Strategy For Growing Your Practice: The Science

I have written and spoken often about the importance of business development planning for lawyers and law firms. Many law firms have taken their cue from other industries and have created firm-wide business development plans.  Many of those firms have taken the next step and required BD plans from each of their fee earning professionals.
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SC&C's Kathryn Szymczyk Presents IPIC Webinar: Are You Ready For "The Amazon Effect"?

SC&C's Kathryn Szymczyk will be hosting a webinar for the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC) on the mindset and skills lawyers need to thrive in today's legal marketplace.  The session will be moderated by Elizabeth Dipchand of Dipchand LLP. The session will start with some background on "The Amazon Effect" and how it is influencing the legal marketplace.
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Networking Emergency Tool Kit

Everything you need to make the most of conference season. Conference season is getting underway and many of us are preparing to make the most of the opportunity to meet face to face with our clients and potential clients.  We can be the…
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Innovation from Within: Why law firms need to engage Millennials and other right-brained thinkers to thrive.

    It's clear. The mounting pressures facing the legal services sector are not part of a cycle - they are here to stay. Simple tweaks are no longer going to cut it. We need to face the facts. But, are we equipped to do so?…

Make it Personal: Fostering Client Relationships

We all know that the key to BD is fostering relationships. Christmas is a great time to do that. Whether you are sending a gift or just a card, the key, of course, is to make it as personal as possible for those that you can. Is your client…

SC&C | Igniting Your Practice: A New Website and an Ignited Mission

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website at It bears our new logo and our new mission statement: Igniting Your Practice.
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Case Study: Getting the Whole Team Onboard for BD

  Many of my clients struggle with engaging their Associates in the task of promoting the Firm: Why do they show no initiative? Why aren't they more hungry? What more can I do? Do these questions sound familiar?  There can be many…
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High Performance Lawyers Hire "Lawyer Coaches" To Enhance Their Performance

In the cover story of their July issue, Canadian Lawyer Magazine reported on the benefits of hiring "lawyer coaches" to support lawyers in reaching their potential as leaders, business developers and service providers while staying motivated…

Tips for Sales Conversations for Lawyers

  Many of us know that in today's market we need to be doing a better job at promoting ourselves.  We understand the logic that “sales” is now part of our job but we struggle with the reality of what that means and how to do…
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Presenting A New Formula For BD Success at FICPI

SC&C's Kathryn Szymczyk Co-Presenting A New Formula for BD Success at FICPI's 16th Open Forum Kathryn Szymczyk, Director of SC&C|Taking IP Practices Further, together with Rich Goldstein of Goldstein Patent Law, will be addressing…

Business Development Coaching: The New Weapon of Choice

Do you feel that changes to the market mean that there is increased pressure on you to bring in new clients or "sell"? Do you struggle to fit this in to your "day job" of being a brilliant lawyer? What else is getting in your way? More…

Submissions for Ranking Publications: Five Reasons You Should Bother

Ranking Publications: Five Reasons You Should Bother The deadline for submissions for Managing Intellectual Property's 2016 IP Stars is November 8, 2015, prompting many to again consider the importance of appearing in major ranking publications.…