Converting Contacts Into Clients: 5 Tips For Effective Follow Up

In the last post, Do You Have A Follow Up Strategy For INTA, we talked about the importance of having a long-term follow-up strategy for converting the contacts you made into clients. In this post, we give you some tips on what should be included in your follow up to make it effective.

So you have chosen your 5-10 prospects and created a follow-up strategy to turn those contacts into clients over the next year. Now what?

Based on the rule that it takes 5-12 “touches” to turn a prospect into a client (discussed in our last post) you may have some work to do. Three months after an event is a good time to again consider getting in touch. But what do you say? Whether you decide to connect on LinkedIn, send an email, pick up the phone or meet in person, every follow up should be an attempt to remind, showcase, be useful and include a call to action.  Here are some tips that have proved effective for many of my clients.  (Notice that sending an impersonal email attaching your fee schedule is not listed).

1. Make It Relevant:
Before getting in touch or meeting up again, spend some time to take a look at your prospect’s LinkedIn profile or scan their website to ensure your follow up is as relevant as possible.  This may also give you some ideas for content or conversation.

2. Make It Personal:
If possible, mention something personal (like a hobby or something they expressed an interest in during your last conversation).  This makes follow up more authentic and more likely to illicit response.

3. Make It Count:
Use the opportunity to subtly showcase why you and your firm are different then your peers.  Attach an article about a recent win, mention a course you went to in their country, weave in some information about some recent work you have been doing that may be relevant to them.

4. Make It Matter:
If possible, include an educational aspect to your follow up.  For example, provide links to blogs, articles, news stories in your written follow up or mention that you have been thinking of something they raised when you spoke last and offer a solution you have identified.

5. Make It A Call To Action:
Keeping in mind the 5-12 rule, your follow up should include a call for future follow up.  Ask them if they (or one of their colleagues) will be attending the next conference you are going to; ask them if you can add them to your firm’s mailing list; offer to come to their offices to give a presentation.

How Can We Help?
If you would like help turning your contacts into clients, please contact me at kathryn@sccignites.comto find out how SC&C can help.
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As always, we would love to hear from you! Do you have any tips for successful follow up? Or, any feedback on ours? Please leave your comments below.


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