Top 5 (BD) Reasons For Joining A Committee

Top 5 (BD) Reasons for Joining A Committee.

NCC-tips-for-INTA02The International Trademark Association’s (INTA) Committee selection is now open. You may have received the email invitation and despite all of the noble reasons for signing up, you have decided you just can’t afford the time. From a business development strategy perspective, can you afford not to be a Committee member? Here are five reasons you should consider joining a Committee and some information on how best to do so:

1. Expanding Your Network.

Are you in a business development rut? Do you keep speaking to the same people from the same organizations and geographical regions? Networking is, of course, an important part of any business development strategy. Carefully considered participation in a committee will give you an easy and natural way of expanding your network beyond the usual suspects.

2. A Chance For People To See You In Action.

With so much competition out there in the IP legal services industry it is difficult to find a way to differentiate yourself from your competition. As in so many other industries, law firms are seeing a lot of success with content marketing – instead of TELLING people how great you are SHOW them. Participating in a committee that deals with a subject matter you are experienced in and passionate about will give you a chance to showcase your talents to a new group of potential clients and contacts.

3. The INTA Leadership Meeting.

Only INTA volunteers, which include committee members, may attend the INTA Leadership Meeting held in November each year. This means that the meeting has fewer people and, as such, arguably more opportunities to make more substantive connections. At the very least, it is another chance to take advantage of the opportunities outlined in points 1 and 2 above.

4. Speaking/Moderating Opportunities.

By being on an INTA Committee you are more likely to hear about – and take advantage of – speaking and moderating opportunities. There is nothing like a speaking engagement to raise your credibility and profile – provided it goes well, of course. SC&C has another list of tips for that!

5. Increase Your Credibility/Visibility.

Underlying all of the above is the fact that active membership on a committee in an industry organization will necessarily raise your visibility and credibility in the community. It will take some investment of time but, if you choose the right committee, the work you do can also enhance your day to day practice and other business development activities: Something you discuss on your committee may inform an opinion you write to a client. That opinion may form the basis for a report you write/present to your committee which can, in turn, be re-purposed into a blog post or a LinkedIn post. Before you know it you are on a business development roll!

If you are convinced, go here to apply for an INTA Committee today. The Deadline is June 30, 2015. Before completing your application, we recommend reading the post on the INTA Blog entitled Getting Selected for an INTA Committee—My Top 10 Tips by Laura Castle, Snr. Membership and Business Development Coordinator, INTA.

Of course, a number of other IP organizations also have opportunities for committee membership. Which committee you chose, within which organization, will really depend on your business development strategy.

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